Saturday, January 16, 2016

♥ MeTalk Mobile App ♥

is a simple and affordable solution to allow individuals and organisation to take control of their communication.

Metalk service is built for people who take their personal security and privacy seriously. They log only enough information to provide and maintain their services to users, no more, no less. They provide highly reliable encryption on top of various security features to safeguard users against malicious attempts at accessing their confidential chats.

Metalk further differentiates themselves through providing a series of business functions well suited for individuals who frequently communicate business decisions on the move. They're also constantly innovating to embed more useful features into the app, allowing their users the ease of mind when connecting with friends, family, colleagues and business partners alike!

Metalk can be download from both Apple and Andriod users!

Metalk featuring 6 awesome functions which cannot be found on any other chatting apps!

1: Pattern Password which is the Pattern Lock (Free for all users)
Allow you to have much more security. Once enabled, each time you return to Metalk, you will need to draw the unlock pattern. After a few consecutive failed attempts, all chat history stored locally in your phone will be automatically clearly, preventing unauthorised access when the phone is stolen or lost.

2: Deceptive View which is the Chat Log (Paid Function)
You can freely alter your contact's avatars and aliases. Best for hiding the receiver's identity from prying eyes or simply from nosy friends! No one knows for sure who you are in fact chatting with, total deception!

3: Whispher Mode (Paid Function) 
Subscribers have the option of sending text, images or voice messages that will self-destruct after a timed period upon receipt, leaving no traces of the chat record anywhere. When the message expires, only you and the reciver know what had been communicated, no one else!

4: Chat Minutes (Free for all users)
Group chat functions have evolved into online meeting and decision making spaces for the regular business user. Metalk allows users to easily select sections of a chat and store it away as meeting minutes for common reference.

5: Activity Management (Free for all users)
Business users have tonnes of meetings and social activities, and sometimes lose track of it. Metalk allows users to post a future activity, manage the attendance and send alerts when the date draws near. You can even attach a set of meeting minutes to an activity.

6: Work Calendar (Free for all users)
Metalk timeline function works more like a calendar of events that has transpired as well as what is to come. Keep track of your upcoming activities easily, or ask your personal assistant to get a Metalk account and do the tracking for you!

Let's start using Metalk today! Add me up on my Metalk ID 41145278

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

♥ Pasjel Baby Fair Skin Bundle ♥

I'm thrilled to receive the highly raved PASJEL's BABY FAIR SKIN whitening Bundle from the kind folks from PasJel Singapore ( !
I am a sucker for any WHITENING products as long it work on me and I'm all time ready to give it a try. Wish to have FAIR SMOOTH SUPPLE skin throughout the day? TRY PASJEL BABY FAIR SKIN WHITENING Bundle ♥
The best thing about PASJEL BABY FAIR SKIN WHITENING Bundle has the best scent ever! Non greasy, no sticky feeling after applied. Neverless my skin feel smooth and supple so much with the best scent that I've ever tried! NO PERFUME NEEDED after applying PasJel products :D

*I dislike so much of most body products that gave me greasy/sticky feelings. Glad that I found PASJEL! 

♥ PasJel's Baby Fair Skin X WHITENING Bundle ♥

Oh My Egg! Whitening Formula

OH MY EGG ! Body Soap is used during shower time
It gives me a FRESH feeling right after my shower!

The combination of egg white, lemon oil, and natural oil extract to make your skin look brighter and soft touch to your skin

Guide to use : Simply apply all over your body skin and rinse off regularly for BOTH DAY and NIGHT use

FREE from STEROIDS and harmful ingredients !


WHITENS and PROTECTS skin from irritation

P.s: GREAT for me! I've very sensitive skin from head to toe! 
No sticky feeling, very smooth texture applied onto skin
Best of all! I love the scent!

Guide to use : Apply EVERBRIGHT BLUE LOTION in the NIGHT time right after shower. For best results, use EVERBRIGHT BLUE CREAM !

Full of natural extracts such as COLLAGEN, HYDROLYZED ALGIN, BETA-GLUCAN, PEPPERMINT EXTRACT, TEA TREE OIL to help WHITEN and BRIGHTEN body skin, protect your skin from wrinkles and prevent your skin from dryness.

FREE from STEROIDS and harmful ingredients !


WHITENS and FRESHENS your skin

Guide to use : Apply EVERBRIGHT BLUE CREAM in the DAY time right after shower. For best results, use EVERBRIGHT BLUE LOTION !

The combination of peppermint extract, multifruit extract and curcuma longa extract to WHITEN, FRESHEN, and PROTECT your skin from UVB making your skin bright and fresh.


Free from steroids and harmful ingredients !


Wonder what's this about? Did you notice your underarm has darker tone compared to your arm and face? And it make you can't raise your hands due to the dark shade of underarm? Unable to wear sleeveless shirt? Fret not! This product is a RESCUE for dark underarm, ankle, elbow and buttock!

The combination of alpha-arbutin, collagen, beta-glucan and natural extracts to SMOOTHEN and WHITEN your underarm, ankle, elbow and buttock.


PASJEL Singapore so kind to send me this WHITENING BABY to brighten my face as well!

Pretty love the texture, non greasy. Very smooth as you slide onto your skin, Great ideal to use under makeup for a smooth looking young skin.

The complete step for the brighter skin

Dermatologist Tested
Hydroquinone FREE

Suitable for all skin type

Skin Formula Blanc Brightening Cream is a facial skin skin product for skin brightening specially formulated with an excellent whitening active ingredient LIPOSOME BUTYLRESORCINOL WHITE COMPLEX
To help directly inhibit all processes of the melanin pigment synthesis, both synthesized process and melanin pigment transport process. LIPOSOME ENCAPSULATED technology that helps excellent ingredient delivery deep into the skin. Enhances even skin tone and helps reduce the appearance of freckles, melasma and dark spots effectively with less skin irritation to reveal bright and healthy skin naturally.


PasJel Singapore ( is offering a limited time offer as part of their product launch in Singapore. Offers last up to 31st November 2015 23:59hrs.

Quote "NAOMILIU5" for a 5% off minimum purchase of $20


Quote "NAOMILIU5" for a 10% off minimum purchase of $40


Quote "NAOMIWHITE" for a 10% off the purchase of the PasJel Baby Fair Skin Bundle featured in my reviews!

All products by PasJel Singapore at are 100% safe, free from harmful ingredients and steroid free. PasJel is also FDA approved, GMP certified and HSA Singapore compliant.

Please be aware of other unauthorized sellers of PasJel products in Singapore as there have been reports of imitation PasJel products in the market! Buy only from the PasJel Singapore website or their authorized agents.

Bring Back Your Baby Skin Today!

Instagram: @pasjelbabyskinsg



Friday, August 28, 2015

♥ Milly's Kenzo eyes nail ♥

I'm thrilled to share my new KENZO EYES nail design customized done by my favorite CHLOE 
Love this combination with a mixture of latest Korean nail trend!

Customized nail design only at Millys.Hair.Lashes.Nails

Please make an appointment with them =)
Quote (NAOMI) for discount on all services available at Millys.Hair.Lashes.Nails

I did not do any nail extension, Chloe not just good at doing nail art design. She helped me to take extra care of my real nails. I used to have really weak brittle nails, very bad state. Break and chip off easily, now I'm glad that I don't need nail extension.

Suntec city mall
Tel: 6238 6216

Far East Plaza 
Tel:6737 6723
11am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday
Inclusive Public Holidays

Far East Plaza 
14 Scotts Road, #03-141
Tel:6737 6723
11am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday
Inclusive Public Holidays

3 New Bugis Streets
Level 2 - DESL 3, 4 & 5 (Near the Elevator)
Tel: 6338 4137
12pm to 10pm, Monday to Sunday
Inclusive Public Holidays

Bugis Cube (Next to Liang Seah St)
470 North Bridge Road #02-12
Tel: 6337 6876
11am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday
Inclusive Public Holidays

Enjoy your day at Millys.Hair.Lashes.Nails

Monday, July 13, 2015


Hello guys! I'm sure you guys are pretty familiar with HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING 
Yup, I've been with them for quite some time :D
This time round I'm back to the salon to try something NEW ! Definitely the MOST IN TREND HAIRSTYLE up to date !
Scroll down to reveal my LATEST HAIRSTYLE IN CHANGE 

*Note: All photos are NOT EDITED 
Pardon my laziness (hehe)

My hair before transform
Still looking smooth and silky yeah

Right after my hair color done by JERRY

Undergoing the transformation of my hair !

Can't WAIT 

JERRY did Latest Korean V LOOK for me! 
Many girls always find their face are too big, fat, chubby and etc..

Quote (NAOMI) for up to 30% off any hair services 

Back view of my latest HAIRDO by JERRY

The FIRST FACE-SLIMMING hair cut/hair color

I'm honored to be the FIRST to try out the FIRST FACE-SLIMMING hair cut/hair color by JERRY
I don't have to edit any of my photos anymore, the haircut perfectly fit to any kind of face shape, be it round face shape, Triangular face shape or Square face shape. Right now you can achieve SLIM and SHARP face! Make an appointment with JERRY and your long awaited desire of having SLIM and SHARP face dream will come true!

I'm GLAD to achieve SMALL and SLIM face

HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING has open 2nd branch located at 
10 anson road #03 -32 international plaza tanjong pagar S079903

Operating Hours :
Mon-fri : 10.30am to 8.30pm
Sat 10.30am to 7pm 
Sun closed

Call 62233133 to make an appointment with JERRY !

Quote (NAOMI) for up to 30% off any hair services 

Since I don't need to edit my photos, I mind as well take many #selfie \(^o^)/

My hair will be badly done as long I'm with HEADLINE HAIRDRESSING under the fantastic hands of JERRY

Everytime right after hair color, JERRY will proceed with the BEST HAIR TREATMENT for me which is MUCOTA 3 step HAIR TREATMENT that forever leave my hair SILKY SOFT SMOOTH. If you don't know about this, actually MUCOTA TREATMENT can leave my hair on SILKY SOFT SMOOTH for a good one week even after my hair wash.

SMILE for a perfect hairstyle 

HEADLINES HAIRDRESSING has open 2nd branch located at 
10 anson road #03 -32 international plaza tanjong pagar S079903

Operating Hours :
Mon-fri : 10.30am to 8.30pm
Sat 10.30am to 7pm 
Sun closed

Call 62233133 to make an appointment with JERRY !

Quote (NAOMI) for up to 30% off any hair services 

I've received many many comments, messages regarding my hairstyle, beauty stuffs, surgeries, aesthetic.
 I appreciate all the supports and I'll reply as much as I can for any reasonable enquires with my most genuinely respond.
Yup, I definitely look younger with my latest KOREAN V LOOK HAIRSTYLE by JERRY
 Thank you all of you for the years of support on my blog, facebook. 
I'm one year old to instagram, Do help to follow me on my instagram @naomilovebunny for daily updates!  

Gonna log off.. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

♥ Milly's LATEST Korean 6D single Lash ♥

Hi guys! I often received mails and messages from Facebook asking if the lash I did at MILLYS was it safe? Or did they cut my lash or something? The ANSWER is NO ! This post I'm sharing with you guys are my REAL LIFE EXPERIENCED with my bare face and definitely NO MAKEUP + NO EYE MAKEUP
*Pardon my naked bare ugly face

I'm really GLAD that I found MILLYS to my rescue from my previous bad experienced from other shop and SAVE so much TIME on my makeup routine! Alternatively, I can go out with sunscreen only.

For sharing REAL LIFE EXPERIENCED with you guys, I asked YOUYOU to remove my previous lash that last me up to 5 weeks.

This is ME without makeup and no eye makeup

Can you obviously see my lashes are neither shorten nor cut?
In fact, YOUYOU told me that my lashes are growing! 
How amazing??!


After one side of my eyes are done by YOUYOU
Both upper and lower lash.

Love my DOLLY look lash? Simply Quote NAOMI and make appointment with YOUYOU at 

Call 6337 6876

YOUYOU is a very detailed person, she not only seek perfection in her work, she also make sure the ladies are contented with their lashes done by her. I'm amazed by how she patiently work with every SINGLE STRAND of my lash.


Eyes close with one side lash done by YOUYOU from MILLYS

Everybody love the end result!
I can look DOLLY without makeup

You may compare from my previous lash, this is way MUCH BETTER for like 100TIMES :D

♥ 6D CURVE ♥

Please help to "LIKE
for more updates of Milly's Hair extension, Eyelashes and Nails services.

Trying different angle of shots to share with you girls :D

Once again my upper and lash lash can last me up to a month, well how do I take care of these lovely lashes? Usually, I'll wash my face without touching my lash. And DO NOT pluck out the lash ! This is very important. I've already done my lash with MILLY for going 2 years, and I still doing single strand. Best of all, my own lash still look volume and long. Milly's lash doesn't cause my own lash to break, thus single strand lash extension can tell it straight away.
You girls should avoid plucking your lash, it effect the lash extension and is hurtful for your own lash. 

Simple Nail art by MILLYS

Interested to try the LATEST KOREAN 6D LASH?
Do quote NAOMI to have the same lash to be done. Or you may show my picture too!Right now MILLY having a promo for all the lovely girls to try out the LATEST KOREAN 6D LASH with an AFFORDABLE price !

Please make an appointment with you you
for the price of $68nett (Usual $100)

My lash is done by you you
Only available at BUGIS CUBE 

Call 6337 6876 to make an appointment with you you.

*Happy MILLY's LASH Day ! ♥