Friday, March 14, 2014

♥ Nano Hyaluron & Collagen 2 ♥

Hi guys, I would like to introduce you the highly rave number 1 seller NANO HYALURON & COLLAGEN 2 ! ♥
Is a must have for the japanese people, needless to say ourselves ! 
We need to maintain our youth and stay healthy with supplement.
This product is 100% from Japan, it's authentic 


NANO HYALURON & COLLAGEN 2 is the upgraded,

 the MOST capacity for 35days of consume, 

the MOST collagen in the market (5,500mg), 

the BEST ingredients consist of Hyaluron, Elastin, Biotin, Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB), Vitamin B, C, E, CoQ10, Hatogumi Extract,

 the BEST benefits for Skin improvement, bustline enhancement and hair/ scalp strengthening, protection and

 it's comparative with MEIJI Amino Collagen Premium version. SUNTORY Milcolla, FINE Japan Hyaluron & Collagen 1, SHISEIDO The Collagen. 

Thank you NANO HYALURON & COLLAGEN 2 ♥ for sending me these surprise on my door step 

NANO Japan Hyaluron & Collagen 2 is the latest upgraded beauty collagen drink from Japan that plays an important role in all modern women today!Just as a baby needs to drink nutritious milk and an elderly needs to drink formulated milk for heart health and bones strength, NANO Collagen (affectionately named in short) is the ultimate beauty drink for everyone who wants to look as young as now, 20 years from now! 
It is recommended for those between 20 years old to 50 years old to drink NANO Collagen for the best beauty and health anti-aging benefits!
It is made from the highest quality of active ingredients and also the highest amount (5,500mg) of collagen peptide in every (7gm) scoop for everyday anti-aging skin enhancement, breast lifting and hair/ scalp strengthening protection.

Now you could order your NANO HYALURON & COLLAGEN 2 at
and it will arrive right at your door step !
How convenient plus right now they having EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT ! 
AT $40.90 INSTEAD OF RETAIL $95.50
WOW ! 
NANO HYALURON & COLLAGEN 2  is suitable for all female or male

NANO Collagen is one of its kind in a highly demanding beauty market that is functional, economical and luxurious all at the same time. An advanced formula that takes more than 6 years to study and come to perfection, it is without fishy taste even though high purity of collagen peptide is being used.
You’d have realized that there’s no locally-produced powdered-collagen, because high purity powdered-collagen is very expensive to begin with. They are also very fishy. NANO Collagen invested a patented biotechnology to remove the “fishy” smell and “nanoized” the powder to half the particle size of other collagen powder for faster dissolving and body absorption.

I'm totally impressed that NANO HYALURON & COLLAGEN 2 can do so much !
It can whiten tighten  hydrate my skin
Not only these main 3 results, it would prevent hair loss and help breast firming ! 
Ladies !! Ain't this very important? 
Is time to maintain our skin and figure with minimum amount spend

You could mix it with Tea, water, juices.
I choose orange juice

Simply put 7gm of it into your desire drinks or soup.

Stir it well and then you're ready to consume !

Best to consume every night before bedtime

Yum yum~! Taste like yogurt to me =)
The taste is not awful at all nor it smell.
It taste very good ! 

More information at

NANO Collagen offers 5,500mg of nano collagen peptide in every 7gm scoop (which comes free too).
 Above that, it contains Hyaluron and Vitamin C for whitening effects, CoQ10 and Royal Jelly extract for cells repair and anti-oxidant properties, Elastin for firming of skin, breast, Biotin for hair/ scalp strengthening and last but not least, Lactic Acid Bacteria for digestion plus constipation prevention that is feeling bloated can be a pain to many people.

Using only natural ingredients, NANO Collagen is tested by Japan Food Research Laboratory (JFRL) and the Singapore AVA Food Safety Lab to be of above safety and quality standards. Furthermore, NANO Collagen does not use any pig or shell-sources derivatives and it is also certified HALAL by the Islamic Food Research Council (IFRC), Malaysia and HK to by suitable for Muslims.
While most collagen products are not suitable for expecting and lactating mothers, NANO Collagen it tested of Dioxin to be safe for them and their babies!

NANO Collagen is 100% made in Japan and is currently available in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore only. While a significant number of Asian customers purchase this product from Singapore via online website Qoo10 Singapore – the most popular online sales portal in S. Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong, we are hoping to introduce this product in Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia from October 2013 onwards.

I've been consuming for 2weeks ! Excited for the full results !!
I always wanted myself to have a very fair skin but due to bad singapore weather, so humid and hot that leave my skin some pigmentation and harmful UV rays that cause damage to skin. 
Am glad to receive this highly rave NANO collagen from Japan to share with you guys.
Read their site that the product ingredients are safe for even babies. 
So this would be my new secret recipe for glowing and radiant skin !

Beware of fake product.

plus they having EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT ! 
AT $40.90 INSTEAD OF RETAIL $95.50

Enjoy this wonderful highly rave NANO HYALURON & COLLAGEN 2 ! 
Beautiful skin and stay healthy people 

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