Tuesday, October 07, 2014


I'm so EXCITED for this KOREA trip! 
It will be my biggest decision EVER in my life, and I'll be there for awhile.
Already been counting down for this fruitful KOREA trip, I never thought that I would accept plastic surgery and would go for it. Thinking it's so common nowadays and why not to enhance your own looks if you really want to and be happy about it. To me, there's room for improvement. And I've my own flaws that I hope and want to improve them. Which girls doesn't want to look better, prettier?
I want to do it because I've my own insecurities, moreover nobody knows you better than yourself.
I give myself the confidence I feel I deserve, but did not have it. It's one thing to want to look good specifically for good will, most importantly for my own good. 
Thank you for all the encouragement and support from my family and friends.
This is my life, my decision. 
Plastic surgery is a big life change for me, I take up all the courage I have and decided to go for it.
I'm glad to have lovely people around me to give me moral support despite they think I don't have to do so, because they understand this is my decision.
At this period of time in korea I need moral support and encouragement from my family and friends, although most of my friends think that I'm pretty enough not to have any plastic surgery done on me. Well, I've my own flaws too. I want to look youthful and preserve my best look 24/7. 
After consulting with Grand plastic surgery , they recommended me eyebrow lift for my upper eyes. I've droopy eyelid which make my eyes smaller and sleepy even I'm always so energetic, due to my thick double eyelid especially as I aged, it became more and more droopy. Rhinoplasty for my plain looking flat nose, don't be deceive by my pictures. All were makeup skills, nose contour for higher nose bridge and good camera angles. I always wanted to have a higher nose bridge and small nose tip to look good in all angles and to wake up beautifully without the nose contour. Face fat graft to help me achieved younger, youthful look. Give me the 3D effect which are very common among the koreans. Breast augmentation helped me to achieve fuller, rounder breast shape, as we woman aged, the breast will started to sag. I want a better curve and fuller breast. Say bye bye to push-up bra

My droopy eyelid that make my eyes look smaller and sleepy
Contoured nose bridge that make me look good in pictures but when without makeup, my nose is plain-jane and I think is the ugliest among my face features.

Every girl desire to be BEAUTIFUL and look YOUTHFUL

Thank you GRAND PLASTIC SURGERY for approaching me.
Grand plastic surgery have been so helpful and patience to answer all my enquiries regarding the surgery pros & cons, especially this is my FIRST surgery in my entire life. I've many concerns. After all the researches and enquiries I did, I'm sure I'm safe by the professionalism of GRAND PLASTIC SURGERY 
Glad to know about GRAND PLASTIC SURGERY, they're established as the leading plastic surgery in  south Korea by implementing the best medical team and systems. The only plastic surgery clinic in Korea that has 9 Specialized clinics and 4 plastic surgery centers.
GRAND PLASTIC SURGERY has the most advanced medical service to enhance your beauty with 30 medical specialists on staff, Grand has the biggest plastic surgery team in South Korea from Plastic surgeon, Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon, Anesthesiologist to Dermatologist. 
More than 165 CELEBRITIES have undergone surgery with GRAND PLASTIC SURGERY




Say bye bye to my old face, I'm glad and excited to welcome the new me !