Wednesday, October 14, 2015

♥ Pasjel Baby Fair Skin Bundle ♥

I'm thrilled to receive the highly raved PASJEL's BABY FAIR SKIN whitening Bundle from the kind folks from PasJel Singapore ( !
I am a sucker for any WHITENING products as long it work on me and I'm all time ready to give it a try. Wish to have FAIR SMOOTH SUPPLE skin throughout the day? TRY PASJEL BABY FAIR SKIN WHITENING Bundle ♥
The best thing about PASJEL BABY FAIR SKIN WHITENING Bundle has the best scent ever! Non greasy, no sticky feeling after applied. Neverless my skin feel smooth and supple so much with the best scent that I've ever tried! NO PERFUME NEEDED after applying PasJel products :D

*I dislike so much of most body products that gave me greasy/sticky feelings. Glad that I found PASJEL! 

♥ PasJel's Baby Fair Skin X WHITENING Bundle ♥

Oh My Egg! Whitening Formula

OH MY EGG ! Body Soap is used during shower time
It gives me a FRESH feeling right after my shower!

The combination of egg white, lemon oil, and natural oil extract to make your skin look brighter and soft touch to your skin

Guide to use : Simply apply all over your body skin and rinse off regularly for BOTH DAY and NIGHT use

FREE from STEROIDS and harmful ingredients !


WHITENS and PROTECTS skin from irritation

P.s: GREAT for me! I've very sensitive skin from head to toe! 
No sticky feeling, very smooth texture applied onto skin
Best of all! I love the scent!

Guide to use : Apply EVERBRIGHT BLUE LOTION in the NIGHT time right after shower. For best results, use EVERBRIGHT BLUE CREAM !

Full of natural extracts such as COLLAGEN, HYDROLYZED ALGIN, BETA-GLUCAN, PEPPERMINT EXTRACT, TEA TREE OIL to help WHITEN and BRIGHTEN body skin, protect your skin from wrinkles and prevent your skin from dryness.

FREE from STEROIDS and harmful ingredients !


WHITENS and FRESHENS your skin

Guide to use : Apply EVERBRIGHT BLUE CREAM in the DAY time right after shower. For best results, use EVERBRIGHT BLUE LOTION !

The combination of peppermint extract, multifruit extract and curcuma longa extract to WHITEN, FRESHEN, and PROTECT your skin from UVB making your skin bright and fresh.


Free from steroids and harmful ingredients !


Wonder what's this about? Did you notice your underarm has darker tone compared to your arm and face? And it make you can't raise your hands due to the dark shade of underarm? Unable to wear sleeveless shirt? Fret not! This product is a RESCUE for dark underarm, ankle, elbow and buttock!

The combination of alpha-arbutin, collagen, beta-glucan and natural extracts to SMOOTHEN and WHITEN your underarm, ankle, elbow and buttock.


PASJEL Singapore so kind to send me this WHITENING BABY to brighten my face as well!

Pretty love the texture, non greasy. Very smooth as you slide onto your skin, Great ideal to use under makeup for a smooth looking young skin.

The complete step for the brighter skin

Dermatologist Tested
Hydroquinone FREE

Suitable for all skin type

Skin Formula Blanc Brightening Cream is a facial skin skin product for skin brightening specially formulated with an excellent whitening active ingredient LIPOSOME BUTYLRESORCINOL WHITE COMPLEX
To help directly inhibit all processes of the melanin pigment synthesis, both synthesized process and melanin pigment transport process. LIPOSOME ENCAPSULATED technology that helps excellent ingredient delivery deep into the skin. Enhances even skin tone and helps reduce the appearance of freckles, melasma and dark spots effectively with less skin irritation to reveal bright and healthy skin naturally.


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All products by PasJel Singapore at are 100% safe, free from harmful ingredients and steroid free. PasJel is also FDA approved, GMP certified and HSA Singapore compliant.

Please be aware of other unauthorized sellers of PasJel products in Singapore as there have been reports of imitation PasJel products in the market! Buy only from the PasJel Singapore website or their authorized agents.

Bring Back Your Baby Skin Today!

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